It’s time to talk about security. IT Security.

I participate in a number of online forums where daily we share information about what is happening in the technology world. Without question, ransomware is on the rise and the ransomware creators are getting more crafty and dangerous with their attacks. Having backups alone is no longer enough to protect yourself because some of them are figuring out how to destroy backups before launching the ransomware attack.

Let’s cut to the chase — You need to focus on 3 things:

1.) Having good backups — follow the 3-2-1 rule. Don’t know what that is? Ask me.

2.) Implement MFA/2FA – Multi-Factor Authentication / 2-Factor Authentication. Don’t know what that is? Ask me.

3.) Use a Password Manager that assists with creating complex passwords to use. The great thing about password managers? If you’re using them correctly, you technically only need to remember *ONE* – just ONE! – complex password. Don’t know what a Password Manager is? Ask me.

Don’t know where to begin with all of this? Reach out to me and I’d be happy to help. We can first start with a security assessment and go from there.

It is time to take computer security seriously. It’s a dangerous and nasty world out there in cyber space!  Give us a call at 908-333-4948 to discuss further