We recently completed a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) Business Phone System installation for a Heating and Plumbing company in Landing, NJ 07850.  In addition to getting upgraded to new swanky phones, they are now saving money on their phone bills!  The client had 4 office phones and 1 phone at the business owner’s house.  Using one of the available IPs from Optimum (their Internet Service Provider), we installed a separate router/firewall and connected all four phones onto the network through that firewall.  This allowed for the new phone system to be up and running with having no impact on their computer network!  We showed the client how to transfer calls between extension and worked with them to ensure that the phone system was working exactly to their liking.  We also worked with BroadVoice, the VoIP Supplier, to ensure that all of the phones were registering correctly and that both the business hours and after hours auto-attendant was working to the client’s requirements.

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